High Speed case erector /bottom sealer with hot melt sealing



You need a workhorse machine to feed, erect, and seal corrugated cases every 1.1 seconds, shift after shift, and A-B-C’s Model 450 is a heavy duty, production-proven unit to handle this challenge. From the ground up, this machine is built for speed­­­; inside its solid steel, welded and bolted frame is a continuous motion case drive powered by a hefty 3 hp motor, high capacity vacuum case system, and servo case sealing compression ram that ensures non-stop sealing.  The large capacity case magazine is self-indexing to maximize time between refills, and case magazine extensions provide additional kd capacity. The case magazine’s low level design makes it easy to replenish without lifting cases.

The 450 is loaded with features to accommodate less than perfect cases. The opening arms “over-open” the major flaps to compensate for incorrectly slotted cases, and the vacuum cups grip each case from above and below to compensate for warped cases and ensure proper opening. A-B-C’s exclusive walking beam case drive automatically squares cases as they are transferred through the erector, and the servo-operated sealing ram ensures top precision during compression and forms square, well-sealed cases.  A stainless steel case discharge chute automatically uprights the case to the buyer’s supplied takeaway conveyor. A-B-C’s Intelligent Control makes high-speed operation automatic and provides real-time operating data, comprehensive production reports, and enables independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings. It erects and seals RSC and HSC cases at speeds from 20 to 50 per minute. At only 16’-9” long, this erector is easily installed on most packaging lines.

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High volume case erector with new money-saving features


The Model 330HS has high performance features that reduce operating costs plus an on-demand adhesive system that is proven to save money. It is packed with production features that are offered as options on other machines. These standard features include a case discharge that gently uprights cases during transfer to the conveyor for smooth operation with no case backup; large capacity, easy-load KD magazine that can be refilled without lifting; and color touchscreen operator panel that simplifies setup and operation, with network capability; and full gull wing machine guards that halt operation when opened and lift to allow complete machine access.

This erector offers 5-minute changeover for quick return to production, eliminating the need for costly auto-adjust options. Case width and height are set with rapid-adjust cranks, and arm and back plate are adjusted by slides with locking handles. If sealing ram adjustment is needed (for a major size change), it is completed easily with one tool.
This erector is designed to accommodate tank-free hot melt dispensing systems and applicators that can reduce energy, maintenance, and adhesive expenditures and help packagers achieve significant savings on operating costs.

Finally, the Model 330HS takes less-than-perfect corrugated and keeps on running, with independent grippers on the case feed that accommodate warped and band-marked cases plus dual gripper case openers that over-open the outer case flaps to ensure easy inner flap closing for smooth operation even when running cases with poor manufacturers’ joints.

The Model 330HS combines reliable production at speeds to 40 cases per minute with moneysaving features that can make a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Case erector provides real-world production benefits for 30 to 40 case/minute range



Packagers who need increased case erecting speeds can rely on A-B-C’s Model 330HS case erector.  Designed for real-world production challenges, this machine utilizes pneumatic case feed and erecting mechanisms that are forgiving when running warped or band-marked cases and cases with poor manufacturers’ joints or misaligned scores.  This machine minimizes downtime due to variations in corrugated board, which is a common problem with mechanical case feed systems. This model provides the balance of speed, performance, and price to make it an easy-to-justify machine for the 30 to 40 case per minute range.

The case erector ensures square cases with the walking beam case transfer that provides positive case indexing and squaring, and the servo-operated compression sealing ram incorporates squaring devices that square every case during compression, forming square cases to facilitate case packing and palletizing. The erector is equipped with A-B-C’s intelligent control package, which includes closed loop position feedback through non-contact sensors to ensure precise timing of each operating sequence. The operator station has a full-color display that shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings.

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Stainless steel case erector for meat plant packaging lines


stainless steel case erector for meat plant packaging lines

A-B-C’s 330 case erector is the answer for meat and poultry plants that require sanitary, stainless steel construction and NEMA 4X electrical panel to fulfill industry standards. The erector also features no-tools changeover and runs RSC and HSC cases speeds from 10-35 cases/minute. It has an ergonomic case magazine for easy loading without lifting cases. It’s built for production with a heavy, box frame construction, mechanical main drive, and solid walking beam case transfer- features that are proven in production to provide top performance with less wear and maintenance.

The 330 has features to accommodate real world production situation, with a case infeed designed to run warped and band-marked cases, and a case-squaring transfer system that ensures that even cases with poor manufacturer’s joints are sealed squarely and securely. Operation is controlled by A-B-C’s intelligent control system that offers plant network compatibility. Models are offered for tape or hot melt adhesive sealing.

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Case erector seals with tape at speeds to 35 cases per minute



A-B-C’s Model 330T case erector/bottom sealer is the answer for packagers who need reliable, high-speed case erecting/ tape sealing for their packaging lines. The 330T is built for production with a heavy, channel steel box frame construction, mechanical main drive, and solid walking beam case transfer- features that are proven in production to provide reliable operation with less wear and maintenance. The low level, easy-load, case magazine automatically indexes case stacks into position ensuring continuous case feed. An extended magazine is offered to minimize line operator attention.

The Model 330T is built to accommodate real-world production situations. The case infeed is designed to run warped and band-marked cases, and cases with poor manufacturer’s joints run smoothly due to the forgiving design of the case opening module.  Cases are squared during transfer by the walking beam transport system and a dual belt conveyor maintains the square through tape sealing, for cases that provide optimal packing and palletizing.

The Model 330T offers no-tools changeover for an extended case range from 7”L x 5.75”W x 3”H to maximum 22-3/4”L x 16”W x 15”H, and operation is precisely controlled by PLC electronics with full access to all functions at the touchscreen operator panel.

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