Case erector provides real-world production benefits for 30 to 40 case/minute range



Packagers who need increased case erecting speeds can rely on A-B-C’s Model 330HS case erector.  Designed for real-world production challenges, this machine utilizes pneumatic case feed and erecting mechanisms that are forgiving when running warped or band-marked cases and cases with poor manufacturers’ joints or misaligned scores.  This machine minimizes downtime due to variations in corrugated board, which is a common problem with mechanical case feed systems. This model provides the balance of speed, performance, and price to make it an easy-to-justify machine for the 30 to 40 case per minute range.

The case erector ensures square cases with the walking beam case transfer that provides positive case indexing and squaring, and the servo-operated compression sealing ram incorporates squaring devices that square every case during compression, forming square cases to facilitate case packing and palletizing. The erector is equipped with A-B-C’s intelligent control package, which includes closed loop position feedback through non-contact sensors to ensure precise timing of each operating sequence. The operator station has a full-color display that shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings.

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