Palletizer with unique features for handling shrink-wrapped paper bundles


A-B-C introduces Palletizer with Unique Features for Handling Shrink-Wrapped Bundles

A-B-C Packaging makes quick work of palletizing large, bulky shrink-wrapped bundles including paper products. This palletizer is a mid-range model that orients, stages, and palletizes at increased speeds, while offering convenient floor-level operation, and an economical price tag. The palletizer features optimized handling techniques for gentle product conveyance. To ensure smooth product transfer the palletizer is equipped with a low friction layer forming table and low friction rollers on the transfer table. A motorized product sweep mechanism efficiently guides product layers to the palletizing zone. Product load stability is facilitated by cushioned four-sided squaring mechanisms that square each layer on the pallet.    

The Model 72AE palletizer is one of the latest additions to A-B-C’s range of palletizing solutions. A-B-C palletizers are low-level machines that offer the benefit of all operation and maintenance at floor level, while accepting product feed from low, medium or high level conveyors. Efficient electric motors provide whisper-quiet operation and are precisely regulated by A-B-C’s exclusive “Intelligent Control” through the full color operator panel. Pallet patterns and product types are pre-programmed to allow quick changeover- the attendant simply selects the new product type and returns to production.


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