New case sealer combines value and performance for midrange speed lines

Model236-case-sealerThe M236 case sealer is designed to deliver value and performance to 15-25 cpm lines. “Responding to customer requests, we designed this case sealer to bring A-B-C’s high end performance to midrange packaging lines at a price point that makes it easy to justify,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP, sales & marketing at A-B-C.

Inside its solid frame (8’ long), this case sealer incorporates A-B-C’s proven features to ensure reliable, long-term production. The metering roller feed accepts cases back-to-back or spaced and automatically aligns with changing line speeds. The powered minor flap tucker ensures positive inner flap closing and the outer flaps are closed by contoured flap folders that fold the flaps squarely even when running cases with poor or undefined scores. Installation is simplified using the adjustable footpads (+/= 2”) to align to conveyor height and changeover can be completed in minutes with only 3 simple adjustments.

The sealer’s frame is fabricated of heavy painted steel in a box style with all upper operating mechanisms secured to the frame with a sturdy rack and gear system. The standard machine includes clear sliding panels that combine total visibility and protection as they stop production when opened.

The Model 236 is available in tape and adhesive sealing models. The tape sealing Model 236T has an exterior tape head for quick and easy replacement. The adhesive sealing Model 236 has a sealing section with rollers that compress against each case to ensure secure adhesive bonding even when running cases with minor case height variations.

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