Stainless steel case erector for meat plant packaging lines


stainless steel case erector for meat plant packaging lines

A-B-C’s 330 case erector is the answer for meat and poultry plants that require sanitary, stainless steel construction and NEMA 4X electrical panel to fulfill industry standards. The erector also features no-tools changeover and runs RSC and HSC cases speeds from 10-35 cases/minute. It has an ergonomic case magazine for easy loading without lifting cases. It’s built for production with a heavy, box frame construction, mechanical main drive, and solid walking beam case transfer- features that are proven in production to provide top performance with less wear and maintenance.

The 330 has features to accommodate real world production situation, with a case infeed designed to run warped and band-marked cases, and a case-squaring transfer system that ensures that even cases with poor manufacturer’s joints are sealed squarely and securely. Operation is controlled by A-B-C’s intelligent control system that offers plant network compatibility. Models are offered for tape or hot melt adhesive sealing.

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