Semi-automatic snack packer increases line speed and reduces hand labor


Automatic snack packer increases line speed and reduces hand labor

This case packer for snack products automatically accumulates and inserts shrinkwrapped vending machine multipacks of snack products into shipping cases at speeds to 15 cases per minute. This economical machine automates the packing process and can reduce a packager's hand packing crew to just one operator (to supply cases for packing.) An added advantage of this packer is its gentle product handling technique. The entire case load is accumulated before packing.

Once accumulated, the product slides through the guides into the case, eliminating the product damage that can occur when a hand packer attempts to fit the last remaining packages into the case. The shrinkwrapped multipacks are conveyed to the packer in single file, and they are accumulated automatically for each pack load. After packing, the case is lowered to a takeaway conveyor to a top and bottom case sealer, then to palletizing.

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