Automatically position product for palletizing with overhead product orienter for chemical and household products


Automatically position product for high speed palletizing with overhead product orienter

A-B-C Packaging has introduced a high speed overhead orienter that accepts product for palletizing and turns it 90°, 180°, or 270° to automatically form the optimal pallet configuration for each product. The orienter can turn bags to form pallets with “butts-out” bag orientation, and rotate cases and trays for pallets requiring specific panel orientation.

Servo-powered for smooth handling and reliable operation, the mechanism quickly and gently grips and rotates the product to the proper position during high speed product accumulation.

Operation is fully automatic, and pre-programmed according to palletizing requirements, for one-touch operation at the palletizer’s touch screen display panel. New orientation sequences may be programmed simply by computer input at the control panel, or remotely by modem uplink.

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