Stainless steel bag palletizer for the specialty chemicals industry


Stainless steel version of 72B bag palletizer for the specialty chemicals industry

Ruggedly constructed with stainless steel throughout, this version of the Model 72B is designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive environments associated with bulk chemical manufacturing. With a compact, modular design and A-B-C’s new intelligent control system, this bag palletizer offers new levels of flexibility and automation for bag palletizing operations. The PLC-operated intelligent controls link to a clear, easy-to-use touch screen operator panel that allows on-screen adjustments for bag size variation that can occur from shift to shift. Changeover is simple too – just set the new bag or pallet configuration from the touch screen display. The display provides a running bag count and speed in bags per minute allowing line personnel to accurately track the production of the palletizing operation.

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