Bulk depalletizer offers craft brewers an easy upgrade from manual bottle unloading


A-B-C has a solution for craft brewers who want to automate their bulk bottle unloading in the Model 108 depalletizer that offers simple and reliable operation with features for maximum bottle stability and smooth handling. It has a small footprint for reduced installation costs and a low level design for easy access and maintenance. With energy-efficient electric operation and many upgraded features as standard equipment, this depalletizer combines top productivity with low cost of ownership.

The depalletizer runs 12 oz. and 22 oz. beer bottles interchangeably with no adjustments and can unload many other bottle types and styles as well. Bottlers will appreciate the long term reliability of the Model 108 due to the machine’s quality construction with solid, channel steel frame, heavy shafts and counterweighted elevator table. Bottles stability is ensured as layers are handled under full control from the pallet stack to the discharge table–each layer is squared on all sides before transfer–and the front of the load is retained as the layer reaches the discharge table to ensure smooth transfer. The variable frequency motor provides soft start, soft stop operation.

Bottlers can choose their level of automation from available options including slipsheet removal, empty pallet stacker, full pallet conveyor, and a variety of pallet conveyor and single filing devices.



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