Dual-Head partition opener/inserter for high speed operation for beverage industries


Dual-Head Partition Inserter for high speed operation

Model 70 Dual-Head Partition Inserter opens and inserts up to 60 partitions per minute, while cycling at a conservative 25 cycles per minute, providing high speed performance while minimizing machine operating expense and wear. This partitioner incorporates many new features and an expanded range of partition styles, making it the solution for food and beverage bottlers and bottle suppliers serving multiple markets with diverse product packaging.

The Model 70DH runs both chipboard and corrugated partitions with 6, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 48 cells. It runs Air cell 6-packs, 'A' cell 6-packs, and all standard locking partitions including 'Q' lock, center locking, and top and bottom lock.   The partitioner's servo-operated insertion heads ensure precise partition selection from the magazine and placement into the case.   Tools-free, repeatable changeover is another new feature. Simple hand cranks are simply turned to the correct position according to the position indicators, and most size adjustments are completed with no change parts.   No change parts are required to switch from right hand to left hand partitions.

The machine's touchscreen operator station uses "intelligent control" to make speed and motor function settings automatic, simply by choosing from pre-set options. The partitioner may be equipped with locking casters, quick disconnect air and electrical connections for easy portability in multi-line operation.   For lower speeds (to 35 cpm), a single head model is offered.

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