Bulk depalletizer offers high level operation for beverage industries


Bulk depalletizer offers high level operation

A-B-C has introduced a high level version of their model 108 bulk depalletizer that discharges the empty containers at height up to 160 inches. Yet this machine offers all the advantages of a low level model, including a space saving, small footprint layout, open design that allows complete machine access, and whisper-smooth electric operation. This depalletizer utilizes a counter-weighted elevator table for layer transfer, operated by an energy-efficient 2 horsepower motor. This energy-saving feature can add up to big operating savings when compared to the larger motors required for other styles of bulk depalletizers.

This high level discharge depalletizer also features A-B-C’s exclusive layer stabilizing mechanism that squares both the primary and secondary layers before sweep-off, and four side container control and tier sheet containment to minimize downed containers. The variable frequency motor drive provides gentle, soft start-soft stop operation. Versatility is built in, as this machine can run glass, plastic, metal and composite containers interchangeably, and adapts without changeover to differing container heights.

Optional features include automatic picture frame and tier sheet removal and stacking, empty pallet removal and stacking, full pallet conveyor with roller or chain style pallet conveyor and container single filing.

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