Case packer bottle handling device grips heavy jugs with ease


New case packer bottle handling device grips heavy jugs with ease

This case packer makes light work of heavy plastic jug containers with handles -- commonly used for super sized warehouse club packaging. This automated pick and place case packer incorporates innovative claw clamp grippers and stabilizers that easily handle the full container’s weight, while providing accurate, gentle no drop transport. By providing total container control, A-B-C’s Robot packer is able to pack rectangular and square containers, placing them precisely in the partitioned case cells, ensuring product and label integrity.

The mechanically controlled packing arm lifts the product load and automatically aligns it with the case partition cells, separating and spacing the containers before they enter the case. The load is gently lowered, with the containers reaching the bottom of the case before release. Built tough, for the demands of packing heavy loads, this robotic pick and place packer is constructed of a heavy gauge steel frame and utilizes a reinforced transport carrier to ensure reliable, long-term performance. Equipped with A-B-C's intelligent control system, the Robot is pre-programmed to travel the shortest distance from the case to conveyor and back for highest packing efficiency. The connectivity from the machine’s touch screen control panel to all automated actions ensure easy operation and maintenance.

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