Decasers for reshipper unloading

Decasers for reshipper unloading

For fast and efficient reshipper unloading, choose A-B-C decasers. These versatile decasers do the work of three machines, flap opening, decasing, and bottle single filing - in continuous, mechanical, high speed operation. With over 50 years of proven production in the wine and distilled spirits industries, these decasers are a solid investment for any reshipper case operation.
Decaser for glass or plastic bottles, round, oval or irregular
  • Decase tall glass or plastic bottles
  • Speeds to 70 cpm
  • Runs RSC, HSC or RSC Tablock cases
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  • High speed decasing of round, oval or irregular bottles, glass or plastic
  • Speeds to 50 cpm
  • Features to provide maximum stability for unstable containers, no drop unloading
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  • High volume operation in a small footprint machine
  • Wide speed and container range
  • NO-DROP container handling maintains package integrity
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  • Reduce labor and increase efficiency
  • No-drop bottle handling reduces breakage
  • Maintains highest container integrity
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Uncaser | Model 101U

Upacker for glass or plastic containers, cans or cartons

Robotic style unpacker

This machine offers quick and gentle bottle unloading from reshipper cases with a robotic technology that gently grips and lifts bottles from cases and places them on the takeaway conveyor. Synchronized operation keeps containers under complete control during uncasing to maintain optimum container quality and integrity. This machine is a proven solution for reliable handling of glass and plastic containers.

  • Gentle product handling and precise operation
  • Unpack and single file many container styles
  • Intelligent Control for accurate placement



Decaser | Model 156

M156 decaser pp

Bottle uncaser for many styles

This machine automatically unpacks many styles of glass and plastic containers from necks-down reshipper cases and ensures a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. A dependable solution to uncasing irregular containers including flasks, jugs and jars, this decaser opens all four case flaps then gently unloads containers with no drop to ensure top stability and integrity.

  • Run many styles of glass and plastic: rounds, non-rounds, flasks, jugs and jars
  • Eliminate hand labor and reduce production costs
Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler 

  • Ensure gentle handling to reduce container damage and instability



Unpacker & case packer | Model 360

Uncaser and case packer for bottles

All-in-one uncaser and case packer

Here’s an easy upgrade if you’re using hand labor uncase and pack bottles or jars. The Model 360 performs both functions, unpacking and packing, simultaneously, in one compact machine.

Operation is simple and effective:
Cases filled with empty containers feed to the uncasing station, meanwhile, pack-ready containers index on the packing conveyor. The transfer head lowers and lifts the empty containers from the case to the exit conveyor, and the empty case indexes to the packing area. When the transfer head reaches the conveyor, it picks up the filled containers and cycles them into the empty cases. On each subsequent cycle, empty containers are unpacked and filled containers are packed simultaneously.

  • Compact design saves floor space and offers easy installation
  • Run a variety of glass and plastic containers
  • No-drop handling protects container and label integrity


Decaser | Model 49

Decaser for necks down glass or plastic bottles from RSC, HSC or RSC tablock cases

Bottle uncaser for rounds and ovals

This machine automatically unpacks and single files bottles received in necks-down reshipper cases to ensure a continuous supply of empty bottles to the packaging line. Offering a solid combination of speed and flexibility, combined with gentle bottle handling, this decaser has earned its reputation as a preferred solution for food and beverage manufacturers’ bottle handling requirements.

  • Uncase glass or plastic bottles from RSC, HSC, and RSC-Tablock style cases
  • Eliminate manual labor and liability, and reduce production costs
  • Maintain a consistent container supply to the filler
  • Gentle handling for optimum container integrity and stability