Una manipulación delicada del producto y una operación precisa resultan clave para mantener la máxima calidad del paquete, y las empaquetadoras de cajas “pick and place” de A-B-C ofrecen ambas cualidades. La operación sincronizada mantiene los envases completamente bajo control durante el empaquetado de la caja. La funcionalidad electrónica del PLC implementa con precisión todas las instrucciones de operación para garantizar una colocación precisa, y proporciona respuesta instantánea ante los cambios en las condiciones de producción.
Case packers, robotic and no drop bottle packers

Modelo 101 Empaquetadora de Cajas

m 101 bottle packer bg
  • Varios mecanismos de agarre de envases disponibles
  • Caracteristicas que aseguran la integridad del envase
  • Versatil de rápidos cambios
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Packer | Model 600

Robotic case packer for flexible packaging


Robotic Case Packer

With a high payload robotic arm and multiple infeed and gripper configurations, the Model 600 delivers top flexibility for your current and future requirements. It’s built for production with a rugged, plate steel frame and high visibility interlocked machine guarding. Combining A-B-C’s expertise in product handling with the latest robotic technology, this packer is a reliable solution for case and carton packing.

  • Pack cartons, semi-rigid containers, or flexible packages, bags or cups, single or multipacks
  • A complete robotic packing solution including product accumulation, packing and case takeaway with case erecting and sealing options available
  • Quick changeover to a complete range of products

Case Packer | Model 29

Semi automatic case packer for large cases 1-12-cpm

Semi-auto case packer for large cases

This labor-saving packer is the big brother to the Model 19 packer, designed to run large cases. It offers the same advantages and will reduce your hand packing crew with just one operator, reducing liability and increasing production. This packer has a compact footprint that makes it easy to fit on the production line. It’s built with a heavy steel frame, stainless packing chamber, and reinforced packing mandrel to provide reliable production on the packaging line.

  • Pack rigid or semi-rigid containers, cartons, tubes, single or multipacks
  • Product feed, orientation, accumulation are all automatic, operator simply supplies cases
  • Offers precise packing unmatched by hand packing for top product integrity
  • For smaller cases, choose the Model 19 case packer

Case Packer & Unpacker | Model 360

Uncaser and case packer for bottles

All-in-one packer and uncaser

Here’s an easy upgrade if you’re using hand labor to pack and uncase bottles or jars. The Model 360 performs both functions, packing and unpacking, simultaneously, in one compact machine.

Operation is simple and effective:
Cases filled with empty containers feed to the uncasing station, meanwhile, pack-ready containers index on the packing conveyor. The transfer head lowers and lifts the empty containers from the case to the exit conveyor, and the empty case indexes to the packing area. When the transfer head reaches the conveyor, it picks up the filled containers and cycles them into the empty cases. On each subsequent cycle, empty containers are unpacked and filled containers are packed simultaneously.

  • Compact design saves floor space and offers easy installation
  • Run a variety of glass and plastic containers
  • No-drop handling protects container and label integrity


Case Packer | Model 19

Semi automatic case packer for small cases 1-12 cases per minute

Semi-auto case packer for small cases

Reduce your labor costs and liability and increase production with this semi-automatic case packer. It uses just one operator and can replace your hand packing operation for an economical upgrade that can easily be justified in reduced labor costs. The packer automatically lanes, accumulates and packs products–the operator simply supplies the cases as needed. It’s a great case packing solution for low speed lines offering economy, flexibility and reliability.

  • Pack rigid or semi-rigid containers, cartons, tubes, single or multipacks
  • Automatic product orientation, accumulation and packing
  • Top precision and accuracy unmatched by hand packing
  • For larger cases, choose the Model 29 case packer