End of Line Packaging Solutions for the Wine Industry

M108rt depalletizer


Enjoy the accessibility of floor-level operation and the flexibility of low or high level container discharge with A-B-C sweep-off depalletizers. Fast and efficient, these quality depalletizers employ exclusive features to ensure gentle container handling and stability even with lightweight and reverse tapered bottles. Read more...


M49 decaser2


A-B-C decasers have become a wine industry standard for fast and efficient unloading of glass from reshipper cases. These versatile decasers do the work of three machines, flap opening, decasing, and bottle single filing - in continuous, mechanical, high speed operation, providing a solid investment in productivity for any reshipper case operation. Read more...


M300 pelv

Case Erectors

Simplicity and reliability are the hallmarks of A-B-C case erectors. With mechanical case drives and heavy tubular steel frames, these workhorse  machines deliver low maintenance operation and long machine life. Preferred by packagers for their ability to run less than perfect corrugated, these case erecting machines are proven leaders in performance and reliability. Read more...


model70 partition landing


A-B-C's chipboard partition inserters automatically open and insert multi-celled partitions into RSC, HSC or Tablock cases. They utilize efficient servo technology that ensures positive, high speed reliability. Their compact size and in-line design make these partition inserters easy to install between case erector and packer.  Read more...


M101 case packer


Gentle handling to protect your package integrity is the hallmark of A-B-C packers. We build both pick and place and robot bottle packers with features to protect closures and labels from damage, and no-impact handling to ensure glass integrity.  Read more...


m236 case sealer

Case Sealers

In an age when even packaging machines are disposable, A-B-C still builds case sealers that last, crafted from heavy gauge steel with top quality components that deliver long term reliability. With either tape or adhesive sealing, you'll get square, well sealed cases for perfect pallet loads. Read more...


model 72ag stainless steel palletizer

Low Level Palletizers

A-B-C low level palletizers offer the freedom of on-floor operation, clean, open profiles and high or low level case feed. Plus, these palletizers offer more- our trademark “built like a tank” construction for long-term reliability, programmable sweep bar design that forms square pallets, modular layouts for total flexibility- for the best palletizer value on the market.


Robotic palletizer 700series

Robot Palletizers

A-B-C’s robot palletizers effortlessly palletize cases in multiple configurations and deliver the flexibility of hand palletizing with no labor costs or liability. You’ll achieve efficient and reliable pallet forming for all your product types, and ship secure, well-formed pallet loads that protect your products throughout distribution. Read more...



case erector selection guide cropped

Learn four key factors to selecting a case erector and how they can affect your ROI

Selecting a simple packaging machine such as a case erector can be a complex process.

There are many factors to consider and making the wrong decisions can affect your productivity for years to come. Different suppliers have various reasons for their machinery designs, and it is up to you, the end-user, to determine the right machine for your line.

This guide offers four key factors that can affect your ROI and some solid advice to help you select the best case erector for your plant and your application.

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Palletizing Preview

Watch the video previews: Robotic, Low level and Semi-automatic. We'll help you find the best palletizing solution for your line.


Robotic palletizing

  • Feed multiple lines with different SKUs outward facing for easy visual reference
  • Handle many product types on the same palletizer with modified EOAT (End of arm tooling)
  • Palletize mixed case sizes in interlocking layers
  • Good solution for lightweight product loads that may not sweep well on conventional equipment
  • Minimal floor space requirement
  • Reduced maintenance requirement


Low level palletizing

  • Compact to medium floorspace requirement (depending on application)
  • Compatible speed range with robot palletizers
  • Pallet pallets pre-programmed for simple changeover
  • Run full range of packages with no change parts
  • Can form tight pallets
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • Maintenance at floor level
  • Similarity in operation to other machinery typically reduces staff training requirement


Semi-automatic palletizing

  • Typically the most economical upgrade from manual palletizing
  • Reduce risk of back strain injury and related insurance costs
  • Very compact footprint
  • Operation requires minimal training
  • Complete flexibility in pallet patterns
  • Change product feed with no change parts



Compact palletizer for cases, trays, crates and totes | Model 72AN


For plants with limited floor space or a small budget, this compact palletizer is a simple and economical solution.

  • Small, modular footprint to accommodate tight line layouts
  • Replace manual palletizing and related cost and liability
  • No pallet dispenser required
  • Low or high level product infeed
  • Floor level operation for easy maintenance
  • Full machine guarding is included in base price

This palletizer occupies from 10 to 30% less floor space than conventional low level palletizers and offers complete flexibility for product feed and pallet configuration. Eliminate the cost and liability of manual palletizing with fully automatic operation.

You'll have the freedom of on-floor operation with an open profile for easy access and maintenance and full machine guarding. It is designed for long term operation with heavy steel frame construction, reinforced and counterweighted elevator table, and a dual, chain-driven layer transfer mechanism. A-B-C’s intelligent control package offers simple, touchscreen control of operation, changeover, production data and diagnostics.


Food Packaging Lines

Food processors rely on A-B-C for packaging machines that will ensure their product integrity from their packaging line to the consumer.

Our machines are intelligently designed for gentle and precise product handling with production-proven features that ensure smooth operation all down the line:

  • Case erectors that accommodate imperfect corrugated and deliver square cases for smooth packing
  • Packers that gently handle cartons, bags, bottles, jars and cans with special features to protect containers and graphics
  • Case sealers that create well-sealed units to ensure product integrity throughout distribution
  • Palletizers that form square and secure pallet loads Bottle unloaders and depalletizers that minimize container contact
  • Bottle handling equipment (depalletizers and decasers) with features that minimize container contact to maintain high quality


Watch and learn the benefits of A-B-C packaging machines for your food product packaging.


Case Erectors for all styles of cases

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Packers for cartons, bottles, bags and more

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Case sealers for top sealing integrity- tape or adhesive

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Palletizers for cases, crates, bags, totes

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