Palletizer replaces hand palletizing of pharmaceutical and medical packaging


Case palletizer’s brain and brawn are the solution for increased productivity

This palletizer automatically stacks corrugated cases, trays or molded foam trays, serving a wide variety of packaging functions.  At less than 16' long and 8' wide, the small footprint of the 72A makes it easy to install in limited floor space.
Standard features include A-B-C's "Intelligent Control" electronics, which allow the palletizer to be linked to a central line controller, giving pharmaceutical and medical packagers complete control of each product batch.  An optional case orienter turns each case to display the panel with bar code information on each case- for efficient product tracking.  

The touch screen control center offers automatic setup for daily, shift and batch runs, plus on-screen diagnostic reports and real-time machine status.  The on-screen case counter and preventative maintenance message reports keep plant personnel informed and in control.
The variable frequency motor drive of this palletizer ensures smooth and gentle operation, by controlling the vertical motion of the elevator table.  The programmable layer retainer bar automatically centers each load to ensure accurate placement on the previous layer.

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