Case erector makes oversized cases for hardware and tools


Model 340 Case erector designed for extra large cases

A-B-C's case erector automatically erects and tape seals oversized corrugated cases which are often used to package hardware and tools. The Model 340 case erector runs cases with blank sizes up to 45 x 42, giving this machine a case range that is 20% greater than other case erectors on the market. Yet, the Model 340 is extremely compact, at only 5’-2 wide and 18’-7 long, making it easy to fit in most plant layouts. This machine will replace an entire crew of manual case set up labor, and has a low-level kd case magazine that makes it easy for line personnel to load cases without lifting heavy stacks.

Cases may be added to the magazine at any time and the machine automatically indexes the next stack of cases when the previous stack is depleted. Case size changeover is simple using position indicators, making it easy for inexperienced line personnel to adjust the machine to new case sizes without error. The machine offers high visibility lift-up guard doors that open overhead to allow complete machine access for maintenance. The Model 340 runs up to 35 cases per minute, dependent on case strength construction.

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