New case sealer combines value and performance for midrange speed lines

Model236-case-sealerThe M236 case sealer is designed to deliver value and performance to 15-25 cpm lines. “Responding to customer requests, we designed this case sealer to bring A-B-C’s high end performance to midrange packaging lines at a price point that makes it easy to justify,” said Bryan Sinicrope, VP, sales & marketing at A-B-C.

Inside its solid frame (8’ long), this case sealer incorporates A-B-C’s proven features to ensure reliable, long-term production. The metering roller feed accepts cases back-to-back or spaced and automatically aligns with changing line speeds. The powered minor flap tucker ensures positive inner flap closing and the outer flaps are closed by contoured flap folders that fold the flaps squarely even when running cases with poor or undefined scores. Installation is simplified using the adjustable footpads (+/= 2”) to align to conveyor height and changeover can be completed in minutes with only 3 simple adjustments.

The sealer’s frame is fabricated of heavy painted steel in a box style with all upper operating mechanisms secured to the frame with a sturdy rack and gear system. The standard machine includes clear sliding panels that combine total visibility and protection as they stop production when opened.

The Model 236 is available in tape and adhesive sealing models. The tape sealing Model 236T has an exterior tape head for quick and easy replacement. The adhesive sealing Model 236 has a sealing section with rollers that compress against each case to ensure secure adhesive bonding even when running cases with minor case height variations.

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New case erector brings high end production features to midrange production lines

Case erector 15-25 cpmThe Model 300 case erector for 10-25 cpm production lines–a midrange machine that offers key production features of A-B-C’s higher speed Model 330 erector to deliver 24/7 reliable operation in a streamlined machine designed to ensure accelerated ROI.

Key production features include an ergonomic, low-level KD magazine that is easy to load and includes automatic stack indexing that frees the operator for other tasks. The top-feeding KD magazine accommodates warped and band-marked cases and the cam-operated erecting arm over-opens cases by the outer flaps to ensure reliable inner flap folding. A mechanical main drive powers the walking beam case transfer that positively squares cases as they travel.

The Model 300 also includes clear sliding guards as standard equipment that offer high visibility and protect plant personnel by stopping the machine when opened. Maintenance is simplified with easy-access, exterior-mounted motors, sealed bearings, water eliminator, non-contact sensors and case backup eye. Changeover can be completed in minutes with no tools and simple crank adjusts to set points.

“We designed the Model 300 case erectors to give packagers in the 15-25 cpm market a solid production machine at a reduced price point. Our markets include food and dairy processors, snack manufacturers, small beverage companies, petfood manufacturers, household, personal care, and chemical manufacturers,” said Bryan Sinicrope, A-B-C VP, sales and marketing. The Model 300 is available in both tape and adhesive sealing models.

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High volume case erector with new money-saving features


The Model 330HS has high performance features that reduce operating costs plus an on-demand adhesive system that is proven to save money. It is packed with production features that are offered as options on other machines. These standard features include a case discharge that gently uprights cases during transfer to the conveyor for smooth operation with no case backup; large capacity, easy-load KD magazine that can be refilled without lifting; and color touchscreen operator panel that simplifies setup and operation, with network capability; and full gull wing machine guards that halt operation when opened and lift to allow complete machine access.

This erector offers 5-minute changeover for quick return to production, eliminating the need for costly auto-adjust options. Case width and height are set with rapid-adjust cranks, and arm and back plate are adjusted by slides with locking handles. If sealing ram adjustment is needed (for a major size change), it is completed easily with one tool.
This erector is designed to accommodate tank-free hot melt dispensing systems and applicators that can reduce energy, maintenance, and adhesive expenditures and help packagers achieve significant savings on operating costs.

Finally, the Model 330HS takes less-than-perfect corrugated and keeps on running, with independent grippers on the case feed that accommodate warped and band-marked cases plus dual gripper case openers that over-open the outer case flaps to ensure easy inner flap closing for smooth operation even when running cases with poor manufacturers’ joints.

The Model 330HS combines reliable production at speeds to 40 cases per minute with moneysaving features that can make a positive impact on the bottom line.

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2-in-1 bottle unpacker and packer reduces labor and saves floor space


A-B-C offers an automated packaging solution for processors who manually unpack and repack bottles in reusable (reshipper) cases. It’s a compact, all-in-one machine that performs both uncasing and case packing with every motion of the servo-operated robotic-style transfer head. The Model 360 eliminates manual labor, provides gentle handling, and ensures a consistent bottle feed to the production line–at a conservative cost.

    Here’s how it works: cases filled with empty bottles are fed on a conveyor to the Model 360. In every cycle, two separate actions occur: the unpacking head grips and lifts the empty bottles and places them on the conveyor to be transferred to filling, while the packing head picks up and packs finished bottles feeding from the production line into the emptied case. The servo-operated transfer head smoothly and efficiently carries containers with no drop and keeps them under complete control during operation…bottles are released only when they reach the bottom of the case during packing, or the conveyor for unpacking.

    The Model 360 uncases and packs glass or plastic bottles in a variety of sizes at speeds to 15 cases per minute. Its 2-in-1 footprint saves money by reducing the floor space and machinery investment when compared to the size and cost of separate uncasers and case packers.

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Case sealer runs very small cases at high speeds


High speed sealing for small, lightweight cases only three inches tall was the challenge presented to A-B-C. The solution was a case sealer with unique features to ensure total case control while automatically feeding back-to-back cases, positively folding the inner flaps, and gently closing and sealing the large outer flaps at speeds to 50 cases/minute.

The pacer belt case transfer automatically spaces each case whether they are fed apart or back-to-back. The side belt transfer is designed to control the lightweight cases as they are conveyed. The inner flaps are positively folded and closed by the servo-operated rotating inner flap tucker and A-B-C’s contoured, cast aluminum folders crease and fold the large outer flaps as cases are transferred. The unique design of the flap folders ensures proper folding and square cases, even if running corrugated with poor scorelines. Cases are sealed with tape by an exterior-mounted tape head that enables quick and easy roll replacement.

At only 10’ long x 3’ wide, this sealer has a space-saving small footprint–but this is no lightweight machine. With a heavy gauge stainless steel frame and welded and bolted construction, it is built to ensure reliable, long-term operation. Gull-wing style high visibility doors securely enclose the machine and halt production when opened. Features for reduced maintenance include sealed bearings and self-lubricated pneumatics. Changeover is completed in minutes with only three manual adjustments.

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