Depalletizer features anti-static container discharge for lightweight plastic bottles


Depalletizer features anti-static container discharge for smooth handling of lightweight plastic containers

Lightweight barrier plastic and PET containers affected by static electricity can become “sticky” causing them to adhere to each other, hampering container transport and single filing. To eliminate this production line challenge, A-B-C Packaging offers an anti-static container discharge for the company’s Model 108 bulk depalletizer with features that dissipate built-up electrostatic charge and prevent static electricity from causing production line delays in container handling and single filing when running lightweight plastic containers. A low friction mattop style conveyor is utilized to transport bottles from the sweep-off through mass discharge. Guide rails are crafted of low friction material to prevent bottle contact from transferring an electrostatic charge. The sweep bar is machined from high impact plastic to ensure gentle handing and positive transfer.

A-B-C’s Model 108 bulk depalletizers are built with many features to ensure optimum container stability, including a mechanism that squares both the primary and secondary layers of the stack before sweepoff, four side layer control during transport, and total tier sheet containment to eliminate tier sheet movement and downed containers. The depalletizer operates on variable frequency motors that provide a soft start and soft stop for all container transport.

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