Low level can depalletizer offers operating efficiencies for beverage industries


Low level can depalletizer offers operating efficiencies

This low level depalletizer for cans combines the economy of low level operation and the flexibility of low, medium, or high level discharge. But the low level design, that can eliminate the need for costly elevators, catwalks and lowerators, is just one of the many features that make the Model 108 can depalletizer a good choice for container handling requirements. This machine has many exclusive features that ensure optimum container stability during high volume operation of up to 200 layers per hour, including a layer stabilizing mechanism that squares both the primary and secondary layer before sweep-off; four side container control; four side tier sheet containment with friction plates and tier sheet grippers to eliminate tier sheet movement; and variable frequency motors that ramp up during transfer and slow down as the table reaches the discharge table.

Programmable logic control of the efficient electric motors ensures precise handling and reliable operation. The operator center offers an industrial grade touchscreen panel with a full color display that is easy to navigate and offers on-screen changeover, plus complete production reporting and diagnostics. Quality production features include the channel steel frame, oversized drive shafts, and stainless steel elevator table stabilized by massive counterweights. Many optional features are available including a lean detector to identify severely shifted loads, picture frame and slipsheet removal, empty pallet removal, full pallet infeed conveyor, container single filer and more.

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