Bulk depalletizer for reverse taper wine and spirits bottles


Bulk depalletizer for reverse taper wine and spirits bottles

The unique design of reverse taper bottles, narrow at the base and wide at the top, is a favorite with consumers of premium wines and spirits. Yet these containers have always presented a challenge for packagers because of their instability during handling. Usually, pallets of these bottles were either depalletized manually or by utilizing a lift-off style machine that gripped each container individually. While the lift-off machines are effective, they operate at slow line speeds and have extensive, and costly change part requirements. This sweep-off style depalletizer that has proprietary features to maintain container stability while depalletizing at higher speeds and efficiency.

Rather than lift bottles from the pallet, this machine sweeps them by layer to the discharge table, maintaining bottle stability throughout the process. In addition to the new features to ensure bottle stability, this machine also includes A-B-C’s exclusive layer squaring device that provides complete control of both the primary and secondary layers before and during sweep-off. The electric variable speed controlled motor provides smooth and gentle sequential operation to further ensure bottle stability.

Changeover from one container style to another can be completed in minutes utilizing the intuitive operator station, and no change parts are required.

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