Bulk Depalletizer offers total flexibility for beverage industries


Bulk Depalletizer offers total flexibility

Model 108 bulk depalletizer is the answer for packagers who require maximum flexibility for changing packaging requirements due to shifting market demands and new product introductions.  This depalletizer runs a range of plastic and glass bottles and metal containers interchangeably, with no optional change parts required.  Changeover is completed by entering new product and pallet parameters on the touchscreen panel at the operator console.  The system can handle pallet loads up to 110” high.
This depalletizer also offers flexibility in container discharge, as it can be configured to unload containers at low, medium, or high level, a setting that is also easily reprogrammed if production line configurations change.

It has special features to accommodate lightweight containers and ensure maximum container stability.  The unique layer squaring mechanisms ensure container stability with 4-side layer containment and squaring during sweepoff: also, the secondary layer is secured during sweepoff to eliminate slipsheet movement and ensure pallet integrity.

Optional features allow each packager to choose their level of automation, including empty pallet stacker, picture frame and slipsheet remover, full pallet conveyor, and container single filer. The depalletizer can be retrofitted with optional features at any time if requirements change.

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