The Cost of Production

In any product design, the objectives include function, durability, appearance, and cost.   Although the order of importance varies from product to product in harmony with end use, the price of a machine is always a prime consideration.

Thus, it is the design engineer's task to obtain a balance between function, durability, appearance, and cost.   But we must recognize that overall quality is very closely allied to cost, for improvements in quality often result in increased cost and conversely lower cost often results in lesser quality.

At A-B-C we build machines of highest caliber, knowing that the cost will be justified by the savings generated through efficient production, the least amount of down time, and longer machine life.

Our customers buy machinery to gain a more profitable operation, either by producing more goods or reducing production costs. We believe our business is selling production to ensure our customers' success. A-B-C packaging machinery reflects our philosophy.

When you purchase packaging machinery from A-B-C, you can be assured that the money spent will translate to solid production, a commitment we have maintained since 1940.