Purchasing Checklist

The purchase of packaging machinery can affect the efficiency of the entire production line, therefore, care should be exercised in the selection of the vendor and the machinery. As a courtesy to our prospective customers, we provide a checklist of items to consider in buying capital equipment:

  1. Buy from a company with a proven track record. Check the company's D&B rating, if possible, for financial stability. The company's financial situation can affect their ability to successfully manufacture and ship your machine.

  2. Ask about the company's after-sales service record. Do they have factory-trained service personnel? What is their policy for spare parts? Do they offer service plans? Can they train your personnel?

  3. Verify that your specifications are complete and acccurate. Inflating your capability or speed requirements may result in additional costs for capacity you do not require.

  4. Have samples available for evaluation by the machinery supplier.

  5. Specify the number of shifts per day for your line operation.

  6. Evaluate your floor space requirement and/or limitations.

  7. Investigate needed auxiliaries and accessories.

  8. Calculate your expected rate of return of investment in new equipment.

  9. Match the right machine to production requirements to ensure high utilization.

  10. Plan in advance to assure sufficient purchase time.

  11. Work with your supplier to plan a realistic delivery date.

  12. Plan adequate installation time.

Think of your packaging machinery supplier is your partner in productivity. It is our ultimate goal that the purchase, manufacture, installation and operation of your equipment is efficient and trouble-free. By working together with clear communication, the purchase of packaging machinery should be a pleasant experience that rewards the supplier with your order, and rewards you with a high performance packaging line that achieves your production goals.

To learn more, read Best Practices for Specifying Packaging Machinery, published by PMMI. Click here to read the article