Bag Palletizers for many applications

Model 72B

Low level palletizer efficiently orients and stacks industrial bags into perfect palletloads

This floor level palletizer combines a compact footprint and high visibility design with convenient floor level operation. You'll have full automation with total flexibility built-in–easily programmable at the HMI.

With multiple features to ensure bag integrity via smooth and gentle operation, this bag palletizer will help you achieve your production goals.


Model 75

High speed bag palletizing

Achieve speeds to 4 layers per minute on this bag palletizer with overhead transfer bar that allows continuous product accumulation during row transfer.

The low friction transfer table ensures smooth operation, and precise layer centering ensures square, well-formed palletloads.



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 Model 72SAB

Semi-automatic bag palletizer

The 72SAB palletizer allows just one person to palletize heavy industrial-sized bags at line speed.

The palletizer does the heavy lifting, and the operator simply orients the bags on roller conveyor into the pallet pattern. This solution delivers an easy upgrade with total flexibility for patterns and allows visual product inspection before transport.