72 Series - Palletizers for cases, trays or totes

Model 72A

Low level palletizing with features for ultra-smooth case transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover.

Our best selling palletizer, for many good reasons. Its compact footprint saves floor space and simplifies installation. The low level design offers a clean and open profile and full view of operation. All access points are at low level, for easy maintenance. Setup and operation are controlled at the color touchscreen panel.

Built for years of reliable performance, this palletizer is proven on production lines in a range of industries and applications.

Model 72AE

Mid-speed palletizing with accumulation table

This palletizer has an extended accumulation table for continuous product grouping as completed layers are transferred to the pallet stack. The next layer continues to form while the previous layer is positioned on the pallet, delivering increased palletizing volume while maintaining smooth and gentle product handling.



Model 72AG

High speed palletizing with overhead row pusher

The 72AG incorporates an overhead row pusher that enables up to 30% higher palletizing speed. This design allows continuous row accumulation as the previous row is moved to the transfer table, for high speed, low level palletizing.




Model 72AN

Palletizer for limited floor space

Plants with limited floor space or a small budget this palletizer occupies from 10 to 30% less floor space than conventional low level palletizers. No pallet dispenser required with floor level palletizing with low, medium, or high level product feed.