50 CPM dual erectors for distilled spirits lines | Model 450

Dual erectors supply cases to two distilled spirits lines at top speeds

Ensuring reliable operation and a consistent case supply to keep their lines at top production

Distilled spirits lines typically operate at high speeds for long shifts. Production goals need to be met and consistency is key. That's what our customer's Model 450 erectors provide. These workhorse machines are built to run nonstop at 50 cases per minute. In the video you'll see the heavy steel construction of the machine that ensures high speed operation without vibration. All the machine components, from the all-mechanical, continuous motion drive, powered by a 3hp motor, to the heavy gauge shafts and chains, to the servo-operated sealing ram, work together to deliver square, well-sealed cases at line speed.

The KD magazine has a low level design for easy loading and KD stacks can be loaded at any time during operation. The magazine holds up to 3 stacks that index automatically to ensure top production.

Although their customers will never know, these hardworking case erectors are helping to keep their favorite spirits well-stocked at their local retailer!


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