Model 53 Top & Bottom Case Sealer for Oversized Cases

Mdoel 53 top and bottom case sealer for oversized cases
For packagers who ship in large, oversized cases, the Model 53 case sealer provides an alternative to manual case sealing or costly custom case sealing equipment. This case sealer is designed for oversized cases, with features to handle large cases with ease. It's not a custom machine with a high price tag, but a standard machine from the A-B-C line, with standard options to satisfy specific packaging requirements.
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Features and Benefits


Quality features

The Model 53 case sealer features all the quality components of standard A-B-C case sealers, including a machine frame that is welded and bolted for strength. Case flaps are closed with contoured cast aluminum flap folders for smooth folding. The compression section has top and bottom powered belt drives. The top compression belt is backed by spring-loaded rollers to accommodate variations in case height and ensure proper sealing.


Compact size

Even with its large case capacity, this case sealer is less than 14 feet long. The compression section length will vary.


Special features for oversized cases

An extra wide package plate is utilized to provide added support of the case contents as the  lower flaps are glued and sealed. A full width pusher bar transfers cases through the sealer, providing full support of the case contents.


Easy changeover

Case size changeover is simple. First, position a new case at the infeed and use the manual crank adjusts to fit the new case height and width. Adjustments may be made from either side of the sealer. Next, set the new adhesive pattern at the electronic adhesive timer. In minutes, the case sealer is back in production.


Model 53 top and bottom case sealer for oversized cases


  • Case range: RSC cases
  • Electrical: Primary 230 or 440v, 60hz, 3ph
  • Air: .06 cu. ft. per cycle at 60 psi
  • Mechanical: Main drive 1.5 hp motor
  • Speed: 5 - 40 cases/minute
  • Standard compression lengths: 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’ (other lengths are available, consult factory)

High Performance Features:

  • Automatic case feed
  • Automatic minor flap closing
  • Extended width package plate
  • Heavy-duty flight bar drive
  • Cast aluminum flap folders
  • Top quality hot or cold adhesive applicators
  • Adhesive pattern timer
  • Independent motorized compression unit
  • Spring-loaded top compression rollers
  • Low voltage control circuit transformer
  • Convenient power on-off button

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Rapid-adjust cranks for case change
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings
  • Self-lubricating air cylinders
  • Automatic water eliminator
  • Elevated beacon fault light
  • Clear sliding guard panels- allow easy machine access

Optional Features:

  • Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts

Floor Plan Drawings

Click the link below to download the floor plan in .dwg format. If you need another format, please call 800-237-5975 and we will be happy to help.

- Model 53 Floor Plan