A-B-C Tray Formers/Packers

A-B-C tray packersTray-packed product can reduce shipping costs and increase product visibility, making this an attractive packaging solution. A-B-C offers a tray former and two wraparound tray packer models that can provide tray shipping alternatives for cartons, bottles, cans, multipacks and more.


Model 170T Tray Packer

Model 170 tray packer adhesive sealing
Model 170 Features
  • Versatile and compact high speed packer
  • 5 – 25 tpm tray packing and sealing
  • PLC control ensures efficient operation

Model 79 Tray Packer

Model 79 tray packer and sealing
Model 79 Features
  • Compact and economical for low volume applications
  • 5 – 15 tpm tray packing and sealing
  • Easy-load, low level tray magazine


Did You Know?

Stainless steel construction and high visibility guard doors are standard features on all A–B–C case sealers for maximum durability and ease of use.