Model 72SAB Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizer

Model 72sab semi automatic palletizer for bags
Eliminate manual lifting of heavy industrial bags and reduce the risk of back injuries and resulting high insurance premiums...this Model 72SAB semi-automatic bag palletizer offers a simple and affordable solution. It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy for your operator to palletize without fatigue,for increased line efficiency. It has a compact design, minimizing floor space requirements, and bags can feed from any direction for unlimited flexibility.


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Features and Benefits


Economical floor level operation

The clean, open construction and floor level access points of this bag palletizer simplify routine maintenance. On-floor operation allows plant personnel to monitor palletizer operation while performing other tasks.

Model 72SAB Increase operator efficiency

Increase operator efficiency

No lifting, stooping, or walking around the pallet. Once a layer is formed, the operator simply presses the start button and the layer is palletized automatically.

Model 72SAB Features to maximize production

Features to maximize production

Counterweighted and frequency-driven elevator table removes load stress from the drive motor, ensuring smooth transport and longer motor life. The table is supported by crossbar reinforcing beams to reduce load friction and eliminate table load stress. A stainless steel stripper plate ensures stable transfer of each layer onto the pallet.

Model 72SAB Positive load transfer

Positive load transfer

The transfer table has a roller stripper plate which reduces friction, allowing bag transfer without squeezing or shifting the contents which can deform the bag. The edge of the transfer table is stainless steel in a tapered design to allow bags to glide smoothly from table to pallet.


Square layers form high quality pallet loads

A rear layer retainer plate and two side layer squaring plates ensure that each layer is centered on the pallet. The layer is held firmly to retain it squarely during the deposit cycle.


Designed for your needs today and in the future

If your needs change, this semi-automatic palletizer can easily be upgraded to automatic operation.

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Model 72SAB Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizer :: Bag Palletizer for industrial bags


High Performance Palletizing Features:

  • Heavy steel frame construction- 7 gauge, 3/16" steel, welded and bolted for strength
  • Roller infeed conveyor
  • Pop-up turning frame bag orienter
  • Electro-mechanical dual chain-driven layer pusher bar
  • Stainless steel, reinforced elevator table with gravity design and tapered stripper plate - Maximum tier weight 650 lbs.

Features for Reliable Palletizing Operation:

  • Counterweighted elevator table eliminates drive motor stress
  • Adjustable layer retainer bar
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • IEC motor starters
  • Variable frequency motor drives

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Quick disconnect non-contact sensing devices with LED indicators
  • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
  • Elevated beacon fault light
  • Modem for remote diagnostics and new layer pattern programming

A-B-C's Intelligent Control gives you more

    Included in the base price of the machine, this package features:
    • PLC electronics for precise control of machine operation
    • Pre-programmed case size and pallet layer configurations
    • Standard fault detection features

    Touchscreen control panel provides:

    • Set-up for daily, shift or batch runs
    • Simple sequence for auto/manual functions
    • Diagnostic status report screen
    • Input/output machine statust
    • On-screen bag counter

    Optional Palletizer features:

    • Automatic pallet handling/dispenser
    • Bottom sheet dispenser
    • Layer sheet insertion

    Floor Plan Drawings

    Click the link below to download the floor plan in .dwg format. If you need another format, please call 800-237-5975 and we will be happy to help.

    - Model 72SAB Floor Plan

    Did You Know?

    Remote diagnostics, programming and machine setup are enabled in A–B–C’s Intelligent Control package to minimize your maintenance costs.