Model 72AG High Speed Palletizer

Model 72ag high speed palletizer
This Model 72AG high speed palletizer for cases, trays or totes has features for ultra-smooth product transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover. Its low level construction offers the freedom of floor level operation, and a clean, open profile that ensures easy access. Modular designs provide total flexibility for palletizing production requirements today and in the future. 


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Features and Benefits


Economical floor level palletizer

While this palletizer operates at floor level, it accepts cases from any level. So you can enjoy the benefits of low level operation with low, medium or high level case feed.

The clean, open construction and floor level access points of this palletizer simplify routine maintenance. On-floor operation allows plant personnel to monitor palletizer operation while performing other tasks.

Model 72AG touch screen operator panel puts you in control of all palletizing operations

Touch screen operator panel puts you in control of all palletizing operations

The color display shows real-time operating data and allows independent operation of all palletizing functions, diagnostics, and changeover settings. It provides an easy to follow sequence for auto and manual functions, and auto-setup for daily, shift or batch runs. Preventative maintenance messages automatically alert the operator for periodic or routine maintenance.

Model 72AG Features for high speed palletizing

Features for high speed palletizing

This palletizer features an overhead indexing bar that moves pallet layers to the transfer table. Meanwhile, cases continue to feed and accumulate, achieving greater palletizing speed.

Model 72AG Aangled, reinforced transfer table ensures effortless layer transfer

Angled, reinforced transfer table ensures effortless layer transfer

The stainless reinforced elevator table is designed for the long haul. The heavy gauge stainless transfer plate is supported by crossbar reinforcing beams, reducing case friction and eliminating table load stress for case palletizing.

Model 72AG pre-programmed product feed and orientation for smooth operation

Pre-programmed product feed and orientation for smooth operation

The automatic infeed timing belt controls case spacing and infeed for proper orientation, row and gap configuration.

Model 72AG High speed product orienting

High speed product orienting

The 72AG palletizer offers multiple options for high speed product orienting, for maximum flexibility in pallet configuration, and allowing specific label orientation.

Model 72AG Features to ensure efficient transport

Features to ensure efficient transport

The self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar compensates for load variations, to ensure a positive sweep for every load. It automatically centers each layer on the pallet, eliminating additional adjustments during palletizer changeover.


Designed for your palletizing needs today and in the future

While each palletizer is pre-programmed for product sizes and pallet patterns to accommodate your current requirements, flexibility for future requirements is built in. A complete selection of case infeed and pallet discharge alternatives are available, as well as many case orienting and accumulation options.

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Model 72AG High speed palletizer :: High speed palletizer for cases, trays or totes


High Performance Palletizing Features:

  • Heavy steel frame construction- 7 gauge, 3/16" steel, welded and bolted for strength
  • Automatic infeed timing belt
  • Turning post and powered roller case orienter
  • Overhead case pusher bar allows case feed to continue during row indexing
  • Stainless steel, reinforced elevator table with gravity design and tapered stripper plate - Maximum tier weight 650 lbs.

Features for Reliable Palletizing Operation:

  • Counterweighted elevator table eliminates drive motor stress
  • Adjustable layer retainer bar
  • Allen-Bradley PLC
  • IEC motor starters
  • Variable frequency motor drives

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Quick disconnect non-contact sensing devices with LED indicators
  • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
  • Elevated beacon fault light
  • Modem for remote diagnostics and new layer pattern programming

A-B-C's Intelligent Control gives you more

    Included in the base price of the machine, this package features:
    • PLC electronics for precise control of machine operation
    • Pre-programmed case size and pallet layer configurations
    • Standard fault detection features

    Touchscreen control panel provides:

    • Set-up for daily, shift or batch runs
    • Simple sequence for auto/manual functions
    • Diagnostic status report screen
    • Input/output machine statust
    • On-screen case counter

    Optional Palletizer features:

    • Custom case orientation devices including turning wheels and pop-up blade stops
    • Layer squaring devices
    • Automatic pallet handling/dispenser
    • Bottom sheet dispenser
    • Automatic case panel orientation to show labels or other identification on all four sides of the finished pallet
    • Layer sheet insertion
    • Roller stripper plate assembly for shrink-wrapped products

    Floor Plan Drawings

    Click the link below to download the floor plan in .dwg format. If you need another format, please call 800-237-5975 and we will be happy to help.

    - Model 72G Floor Plan

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