A-B-C Decasers

A-B-C decasersFor fast and efficient reshipper unloading, choose
A-B-C decasers. These versatile decasers do the work
of three machines, flap opening, decasing, and bottle single filing - in continuous, mechanical, high speed operation. With over 50 years of proven production in the wine and distilled spirits industries, these decasers are a solid investment for any reshipper case operation.


Model 49 Decaser

Model 49 decaser for large bottles
Model 49 Features
  • Decase tall glass or plastic bottles
  • Speeds to 70 cpm
  • Runs RSC, HSC or RSC Tablock cases

Model 156 Decaser

Model 156 decaser for round or irregular bottles
Model 156 Features
  • High speed decasing of round, oval or irregular bottles, glass or plastic
  • Speeds to 50 cpm
  • Features to provide maximum stability for unstable containers

Model 101 Decaser

Model 101 lift out style decaser
Model 101 Features
  • High volume operation in a small footprint machine
  • Wide speed and container range
  • NO-DROP container handling maintains package integrity


Did You Know?

Stainless steel construction and high visibility guard doors are standard features on all A–B–C case sealers for maximum durability and ease of use.