A-B-C Palletizers

A-B-C palletizers for cases bags trays and plastic totesA-B-C palletizers offer the freedom of on-floor operation, clean, open profiles and high or low level case feed. Plus, these palletizers offer more- our trademark “built like a tank” construction for long-term reliability, programmable sweep bar design ensures square pallets, PLC operation with touchscreen control, modular layouts for total flexibility- for the best palletizer value on the market.


Model 72A Palletizer

Model 72A Features
  • Low level palletizer design is easy to install and maintain
  • Accepts cases from low or high level infeed palletizing
  • PLC control provides flexibility and simple operation for palletizing

Model 72AG High Speed Palletizer

Model 72AG high speed palletizer high or low level infeed
Model 72AG Features
  • High speed, floor level palletizer- high or low level infeed
  • Small footprint design saves floor space
  • Easy to install- no hydraulics required

Model 75 High Speed Bag Palletizer

Model 75 high speed bag palletizer high or low level infeed
Model 75 Features
  • High speed operation, up to 4 layers/minute
  • Floor level palletizer- high or low level infeed
  • Efficient electric power, low energy consumption

Model 72B Bag Palletizer

Model 72B bag palleizer
Model 72B Features
  • Floor level bag palletizing saves space- high or low level infeed
  • Auto bag orientation and infeed control
  • Easy to install- low air consumption means no added compressor

Model 72AE Palletizer

Model 72AE Features
  • Palletizer with extended forming table
  • Runs cases, trays or totes
  • Low level construction

Model 72AH Palletizer

Model 72AH Features
  • Built to handle heavy loads for case palletizing
  • Custom roller ball layer accumulation table
  • Case feed from any direction for maximum flexibility

Model 72SA Palletizer

Model 72SA semi automatic case palletizer
Model 72SA Features
  • Semi-automatic- an affordable upgrade from hand palletizing
  • Operator simply positions cases, no lifting or bending
  • Case feed from any direction for maximum flexibility

Model 72SAB Bag Palletizer

Model 72SAB bag palletizer
Model 72SAB Features
  • Eliminate manual lifting from bag palletizing
  • Operator simply positions bags, no lifting or bending
  • Compact design, minimizing floor space