Model 46A Compact Top & Bottom Tape Case Sealer

Model 46a tape case sealer for tape sealing at speeds from 5 to25 cases per minute
If you're tired of lost production from disposable tape sealers, here's a workhorse case sealer that really performs. This tough Model 46A tape sealer offers all the features for top production case sealing in a compact frame, proving that you don't have to sacrifice quality to save floor space.

This case sealer is packed with standard features that aren't available on other compact case sealers, including:
-Rugged stainless steel frame with full machine guarding
-Chain-driven flight lug case drive
-Automatic minor flap folding
-Case-squaring cast aluminum flap folders
-Easy access tape rolls with optional roll empty sensors
-5 – 25 cpm tape case sealing

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Features and Benefits

Model 46a Streamlined design with full machine guarding

Streamlined design with full machine guarding

Standard features on the Model 46A case sealer include the stainless steel frame and gull wing style guarding. The gull-wing guards are electrically interlocked to stop the sealer when opened. The guards lift to open, allowing complete machine access.

Model 46a Reliable case transfer

Reliable case transfer

Cases may feed back-to-back or spaced from the packaging line conveyor, and the powered indexer automatically feeds them to the case sealer. No operator is required. The flight lugs are forged of case aluminum for strength and mounted on wear-resistant flight chain that is guaranteed for 10 years of operation. No vertical side belt drive can match the durability of A-B-C's flight chain case transfer.

Model 46a Case squaring cast aluminum flap folders

Case squaring cast aluminum flap folders

The flap folders are gradually contoured to fold the flaps at the score line then close them smoothly with no flap overlap, to form square, well-sealed cases.

Model 46a Easy tape roll replacement

Easy tape roll replacement

The tape rolls are mounted on the exterior frame of the case sealer to allow easy access for tape roll changes. An optional empty roll sensor stops the machine just as the end of the tape comes off the roll, allowing the next roll to be easily attached without rethreading or removal of the tape head.


Model 46A compact top and bottom tape case sealer


  • Case range: RSC cases
  • Electrical: Primary 440/220v, 60 Hz, 3 Phase
  • Air: .05 cu. ft. per cycle at 60 psi
  • Machine weight: 1,800 lbs

High Performance Features:

  • Automatic case feed
  • Automatic minor flap closing
  • Heavy-duty flight lug drive
  • Cast aluminum flap folders
  • Top quality taping heads: 2” width standard, 3” width also available
  • Gull-wing style high visibility doors
  • Low voltage control circuit transformer
  • Convenient power on-off button

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Heavy stainless steel frame
  • Exterior mounted tape rolls
  • Rapid-adjust cranks for case change
  • Maintenance-free sealed bearings
  • Main gear drive in sealed oil bath
  • Self-lubricating air cylinders
  • Automatic water eliminator


Did You Know?

A–B–C’s palletizer tables are powered by a variable frequency motor that ensures soft starts and stops for smooth and reliable operation.