Model 136 Top Case Sealer for Adhesive Sealing

Model 136 case sealer for adhesive sealing at speeds from 1 to 25 cases per minute

The Model 136 case sealer is a small hot melt sealer that provides huge production benefits. It's compact, but built with A-B-C's quality construction, so this little case sealer will provide years of consistent, high speed operation with less wear or care. Its heavy gauge stainless steel box-style frame is welded and bolted for strength, and the sealer is enclosed with interlocked panels for security. Cast aluminum flap folders gently fold case flaps and our novel design prevents flap overlap and ensures square cases.  Adhesive case sealing from 1-25 cpm.

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Features and Benefits

Model 136 Built for top production

Built for top production

The heavy gauge stainless steel box frame is welded and bolted for superior strength, and all upper operating mechanisms are secured to the frame by a solid rack and gear system. The side belt case transfer with Allen Bradley frequency controller ensures consistent operation. Clear machine guards provide protection and stop the machine when opened.

Model 136 Seal square cases for better palletloads

Seal square cases for better palletloads

This sealer incorporates A-B-C’s cast aluminum flap folders for outer flap folding. These folders are proven in thousands of installations to fold case flaps squarely at the score line, then close them smoothly, forming square cases. A steel tongue rides between the flaps during closing to prevent overlap. The side belt drive is synchronized to square cases during transfer.

Model 136 Compression rollers provide secure sealing

Compression rollers provide secure sealing

The soft compression rollers accommodate case height variation while providing firm compression to ensure proper hot melt bonding of all cases. This sealer delivers square, well-sealed cases that form stable palletloads.

Model 136 Top flexibility and maximum uptime

Top flexibility and maximum uptime

30 Second Changeover- Changeover is simple- just adjust three manual hand cranks to the new case size, select the new adhesive pattern and you’re back in production. Low maintenance features include sealed bearings that never need lubrication, and an air regulator/ water eliminator that keeps the minor flap tucker air line dry for smooth operation.

Model 136 Videos

Model 136 Case Sealer :: Top case sealer for adhesive sealing for speeds from 1 - 25 cpm


Model 136T top case sealer for tape sealing


  • Case range: RSC cases
  • Electrical: Primary 220 or 440v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12
  • Air: .04 cu. ft. per cycle at 60 psi
  • Speed: To 25 cases/minute

High Performance Features:

  • Seal with tape
  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Powered flap tucker folds trailing inner flap
  • Contoured cast aluminum flap folders fold outer flaps
  • Clear, high visibility guards - electrically interlocked to stop the machine when opened
  • Quick changeover with rapid-adjust hand cranks
  • Built to standard 15” line elevation
  • Compact footprint - just 6’ long
  • Independently adjustable (+/- 2”) leveling footpads

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Sealed bearings minimize maintenance
  • Automatic water eliminator keeps air line dry
A-B-C offers a complete line of case sealers for speeds to 100 cpm

Did You Know?

A–B–C’s palletizer tables are powered by a variable frequency motor that ensures soft starts and stops for smooth and reliable operation.