Model 800 Case Packer

Model 800 automatic carton packer to 20 cases per minute

Over forty years of case packing experience is designed into every A-B-C case packer, and it shows. In the gentle handling techniques employed to protect every product. In the operating efficiency of precision parts, crafted to exacting specifications. And, most importantly, the ability to achieve your case packing goals, with a packer designed for your needs, to your specifications, and within your budget. We offer creative solutions for case packing cartons, cans, bottles, jugs, tubes, flexible packages, shrink-wrapped packages, waxed cartons and more with the Model 800 carton packer. Choose an A-B-C case packer for top performance from your case packing line.

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Features and Benefits

Model 800 Built for reliable production

Built for reliable production

Constructed with rugged tubular steel frames, oversized shafts and heavy pitch drive chains, this case packer is built for solid, three shift a day operation.  The packer is totally enclosed with clear polycarbonate panels to allow maximum visibility and provide complete machine access when opened.

Model 800 Intelligent control for precise operation

Intelligent control for precise operation

Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control of line performance. Closed loop position feedback ensures precise timing of each operating sequence, utilizing non-contact sensors to provide input. The touch screen display provides real-time operating data, and independent operation of all functions, diagnostics and changeover settings reliable case packing.

Model 800 Gentle product handling

Gentle product handling

A-B-C case packers utilize a variety of techniques to achieve increased packing speeds while ensuring gentle product handling including progressive accumulation, multi-lane feeding and multi-station loading. Packers are designed with stainless steel construction in all product contact areas, to protect packaging, overwrap and packages with waxed surfaces or high gloss graphics.

Model 800 Ergonomic designs for ease of operation

Ergonomic designs for ease of operation

While this case packer operates without operator intervention, care has been taken to make all human contact most convenient. The optional low level case magazine eliminates lifting KD cases. Easy-open guards offer immediate machine access. Hand cranks and locking slides for changeover are located outside the machine frame where possible. The touchscreen command center is machine-mounted for easy access.


Versatile for many products and cases

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in designing case packing systems, A-B-C engineers create innovative solutions for modern case packing requirements. Standard case packer models run rigid or semi-rigid containers, cartons and multipacks, and are adjustable to pack multiple container styles into a variety of case sizes. A variety of product repositioning devices are available to provide the most efficient accumulation and loading for each product.

Model 800 Videos

Model 800 Carton Packer :: Automatic carton packer for speeds to 20 cpm



  • Case range: RSC, HSC, HSC display and CSSC style cases
  • Product range: Rigid or semi-rigid containers, cartons, bottles, jars, tubes, cans, multipacks
  • Electrical: Primary 220 or 440v, 60hz, 3ph, NEMA 12 or 4
  • Air: 1.2 scfm per cycle at 60 psi
  • Speed: Up to 20 cases/minute

High Performance Features:

  • Powered product infeed conveyor
  • Heavy tubular steel box frame construction- welded and bolted for strength
  • All-mechanical main drive
  • Mechanical/vacuum case and container handling devices

Features for Reliable Operation:

  • A-B-C’s Intelligent Control electronics provide total control of operation, including:
  • PLC control of functions for precise operation
  • Touchscreen control panel displays all operating data and offers complete control of all functions
  • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
  • High capacity Venturi system assures consistent vacuum
  • Dual top and bottom vacuum grippers that over-open cases ensuring proper opening of cases with poor manufacturer’s joints

Reduced Maintenance Features:

  • Stainless steel product contact points
  • Non-contact sensors monitor machine operation
  • Sealed bearings throughout
  • Gull-wing style high visibility machine doors allow easy machine access
  • Touchscreen control for machine jog, diagnostics, troubleshooting, changeover settings
  • Back-up eye for surge control
  • Elevated beacon fault light

A-B-C's Intelligent Control gives you more

    Included in the base price of the machine, this package features:

      Variable speed capability:

      • Up to 20 cases per minute (dependent on product and case sizes)
      • Soft Stop - quits operation without dumping air
      • Main drive jog function
      • Manual operation of all functions

      Standard fault detection features:

      • Downstream case backup
      • Case magazine is empty or low
      • No case in place
      • No product
      • No / low air pressure
      • Guard door opened
      • Case did not open properly
      • Case did not load properly
      • Emergency stop activated
      • Motor overload
      • Photo eye is dirty or misaligned
      • Encoder or coupling malfunction
      • Individual sensor malfunction
      • Minimum speed fault

      Optional features:

      • Magazine extensions for additional capacity
      • Low level case magazine holds 3 stacks of cases (approx. 300 kd’s) eliminating frequent refills- automatic case feed from top of stack smoothly feeds warped or band-marked cases
      • Repeatable position indicators on adjustment shafts
      • Opposite hand layouts
      • Tape sealing model

      Floor Plan Drawings

      Click the link below to download the floor plan in .dwg format. If you need another format, please call 800-237-5975 and we will be happy to help.

      - Model 800-Hot Melt Floor Plan

      - Model 800-Tape Floor Plan

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      Did You Know?

      A–B–C Packaging was a founding member of PMMI and current president Mark Reichert has served on the PMMI board that supports the packaging community worldwide.