Model 206 Servo Case Packer

Model 206 Servo Case Packer
Here's everything you want from an automatic case packer. High speed operation with gentle, servo precision. Flexibility, with super-fast, repeatable changeover. A small footprint with economical and simple operation. Reliability, and superbly forgiving for product variations. Built for low maintenance and minimum intervention. With case packing speeds to 30 cases per minute, this Model 206 compact case packer is the answer for high speed, economy, and flexibility.
The Model 206 packer is offered with high and low level KD magazines to suit individual line layout requirements.
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Features and Benefits

model 206 case packerBuilt for reliable production

Constructed with rugged tubular steel frames, oversized shafts and heavy pitch drive chains, this case packer is built for solid, three shift a day operation.  The packer is totally enclosed with clear polycarbonate panels to allow maximuml visibility and provide complete machine access when opened.

Model 206 case packer dynamic servo operation

Dynamic servo operation

This case packer utilzes multiple servo motors to efficiently control the main case drive, infeed, down stacker and load pusher, providing smooth and harmonious performance during high speed case packing operation. The servo-driven infeed accomodates variations in product dimensions while maintaining accurate product control.

Intelligent control for precise operation

Intelligent Control takes PLC logic one step further, to provide unprecedented control of line performance. Closed loop position feedback ensures precise timing of each operating sequence, utilizing non-contact sensors to provide input. The touch screen display provides real-time operating data, and independent operation of all functions, diagnostics and changeover settings for precision case packing.

Model 206 case packer motorized changeover eliminates packer tweaking

Motorized changeover reduces downtime, eliminates packer tweaking

Most changeover dimensions are motorized to ensure repeatable accuracy for the full range of product sizes on this case packer. Simply select the new product and case size at the operator panel, and the adjustments are completed automatically. In cases where change parts are required, locking handles are utilized for no-tools changeover.

Model 206 case packer designed for your products

Designed for your products

Many infeed styles and accumulation devices are offered to ensure gentle product handling and maintain highest package and label integrity. For over 60 years, A-B-C has designed innovative laners, orienters, and accumulators, for turning, twisting, upending, single and multi-lane stacking, to make case packers that provide the best handling system for each product.

Model 206 Videos

Model 206 Case Packer :: Servo case packer operating at speeds to 30 cpm Model 206 Case Packer :: Servo case packer operating at speeds to 30 cpm

Floor Plan Drawings

Click the link below to download the floor plan in .dwg format. If you need another format, please call 800-237-5975 and we will be happy to help.

- Model 206-Low Level Magazine Floor Plan

- Model 206-High Level Magazine Floor Plan


Did You Know?

You can upgrade A–B–C’s semi–automatic palletizers to fully automatic operation with an upgrade kit.